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Support Leaf's Development

Leaf PHP is an MIT licensed open source project and completely free to use. We are not officially backed by any company or budget, we are just a bunch of random people working towards a goal: to make software development a beautiful experience for developers. However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features for the project is not sustainable without proper financial backing.

For this reason, we encourage you to help us reach our goal and continue making software development easier.

How to Sponsor

Sponsorships can be done via GitHub Sponsors or OpenCollective. All your contributions go into a fund with transparent expense models for supporting community efforts, events and core activities regarding Leaf. Both monthly-recurring sponsorships and one-time donations are accepted. Recurring sponsorships are entitled to logo placements as specified in Sponsorship Tiers.

Sponsoring Leaf as a Business

Sponsoring Leaf gives you great exposure to all Leaf developers around the world through our website and GitHub project READMEs. In addition, supporting OSS improves the reputation of your brand, which is an important asset for any company that interacts with developers.

If you are using Leaf to build a revenue-generating product, it makes business sense to sponsor Leaf's development: it ensures the project that your product relies on stays healthy and actively maintained. The exposure and positive brand image in the Leaf community also makes it easier to attract and recruit developers.

If you are building a product where your target customers are developers, you will gain high quality traffic through the sponsorship exposure, since all our visitors are developers. The sponsorship also builds brand recognition and improves conversion.

Current Sponsors

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